Inclement Weather Policies

Boom Studios reserves the right to cancel classes for any reason including inclement weather. We serve multiple communities in the Seattle, Kent, Des Moines, Federal Way and Highline areas, while our home office is located in Federal Way.  
We are aware that cancelling classes can be disappointing to our Boomers™ (studio, daycare and enrichment programming). Classes will not be cancelled unless it is absolutely necessary; because no one wants to dance more than us/Ms T! 
Boom Studios takes the following into consideration: 
● Weather forecasting and reports for all areas our classes are held.

● Staff safety and travel.

● Road conditions including icy parking lots/roads.

● Studio conditions and safety within surrounding areas.

● Scheduled class times  (beginning and finishing times) and predicted weather conditions. 
We also follow weather delays and/or closures announced by Public-School Districts, including Seattle, Kent, Des Moines, Federal Way & Highline School Districts.  Boom Studios will notify Boomers and their families, daycare directors and enrichment coordinators, 2 hours before scheduled class or as soon as possible.  


Note: Refunds, credits or make-up classes will not be offered for closures due to inclement weather unless extenuating circumstances occur. If Boom Studios calls a 'snow day', and school districts haven't cancelled school or if non-studio programs are still running/open, an online option will be offered (on the same day and time). 

Online Option 
We are excited to offer this option, in an effort to make sure that our Boomers don’t miss out on classes.  
To do this, you will need the following: 
● Wifi or internet connection.

● Computer, laptop or tablet to participate in the interactive online class.

● Link to join the Zoom Meeting (no need to create an account but you can if you would like and it's free). 
*Information and support will be provided by Boom Studios.  
Daycare Centers 
In addition to above, you will also need: 
● Teachers support and participation as if Ms T was physically present in class.

● A way for the kids to either watch and dance with Ms T. For example, a projector that displays Ms T on the wall or sheet. 
Enrichment Programs  
Enrichment programs are run through Elementary School PTA’s, and therefore, have varying policies. Please refer back to ‘Welcome Email’ sent at the beginning of the enrichment program session for more information.

Adult Classes  
Adult classes are booked per class and not per session. Because of this, if Boom Studios cancels class due to inclement weather, you will be refunded for that class.