Hello Boomers™!!!


We are so excited to be dancing with you this fall session! You should have received an email confirming all your class details.


Boom 101 is a quick guide answering commonly asked questions, plus sharing everything you need to know about classes with us.


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General Information

New Space

We are now located at 3618 SW Alaska St (Lower Level, inside Move2Center Studio).


About Boom Studios

Along with the fun we have in class; there are values that we feel are important to teach our Boomers™…

“Respect, Kindness, Understanding, Acceptance, Inclusivity, Equality, and Responsibility.”

We would appreciate your support and positivity in helping us to encourage these values and qualities within our Boomers™, inside and outside of class. This is the Boom Way!


Authorized Pick-Ups

During the first two weeks of session, you will be asked to complete one last piece of paperwork to add to your child’s registration. You will be asked to include other adults that are approved to pick up your child from our classes. There is enough space for 3 additional adults. If both parents have been added to the parent portal, you will not need to include them. Until we become familiar with your family, we will be asking you to show your ID upon pick-up.



As part of our process, we ask that children write their name (to the best of their ability!) on our sign-in sheets. We have found that by asking children to do this, they not only take responsibility for being ready for dance class, they also take pride in it. Tot Boomers™ are the only exception (as this is an adult participation class).


Adults will be asked to sign in and out after their child has written their name. Please ensure that you are following through with this, as we double-check these records against attendance records.


Make sure to check your class information below for the ‘dancing animal’ that is assigned to your class for sign-in/out!


*Children are not permitted to sign-in/out for their adult. Students aged 13 and above are permitted to sign in/out for themselves or a family member.



Our Boomers™ are free to wear anything they are comfortable in. However, for dance-safety reasons, please refrain from denim or skirts/tutus without proper coverage underneath (leggings, tights, bike shorts).


Outside shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. Please be prepared to remove shoes once inside the studio. Dancers can be barefoot, use socks, or wear inside shoes (such as ballet shoes) to dance in.


Indoor sneakers or running shoes are suggested for hip-hop classes. These shoes must have a clean sole and not be worn outside to be used inside. 

**Tot and Tiny Boomers™ can dance in socks, barefoot or with ballet shoes for hip hop class time**


**No boots, flip flops or sandals**


Please ensure you have an indoor pair that does not get worn outside.


First Class

We invite all adults to stay for the first class of the session, that is, Tuesday 10/8 or Thursday 10/10 (if you would like to). This helps your child with becoming familiar with Ms. T and Ms. Dany, the space, how the class runs and helps them transition into a positive learning environment.


After the first class mentioned above, we ask adults to drop-off and return to your class 10 minutes before class ends. This is so that you can see what we have learned and to enjoy a dance game with us! We have found that our Boomers™ absolutely love this bonding time with their adults/families because they enjoy sharing their passion for dance and movement with their loved ones and it’s so much fun!


A Thank You & A Sticker

At the end of each class a thoughtful Thank You helps students in developing friendships with their peers, but also shows respect for the art form and pride in their ability to show up to class each week. This takes form in a pat on the back, a gentle high-5 with friends, and taking a quick bow.

Stickers are handed out after our Thank You. If a big sticker is given, the child did an excellent job listening, following directions and doing their best dancing in class. If a small sticker is given, the child did a good job, but might need to work on some other skills. This gives Ms. T the opportunity to explain to the child what they can work on for the following week to earn a big sticker.



Winter registration will begin November 18th for current Boomers™ for one week of priority registration. Wait-listed families will have the opportunity to register for one week beginning November 25th. On December 2nd, registration will open to the general public for any remaining spots in classes.


Also, you will have the opportunity to pre-register for Spring session when Winter registration opens. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your class spot for Spring.



We hold one recital a year, at the end of the Spring session. It is not mandatory for Boomers™ to participate and perform. However, it is an amazing opportunity for Boomers™ to get up on stage and show what they have worked so hard on.


Our recital has a fun and positive vibe where encouragement of Boomers™ getting on stage is the most important thing – it is all about the experience. We are much more relaxed than other recitals you may have attended before.


If your Boomer™ does decide to participate in the Recital, there are additional costs involved. Costumes are $30 per student, per class. We work extremely hard to find costumes that can be worn over and over after recital. Tickets for adults are also an additional cost to help in covering costs such as the Theatre, sound and lighting technician etc.  


If your Boomer™ decides not to participate in recital, they are more than welcome to still join spring classes. However, please keep in mind that the focus for Spring session is working on the routine for recital.


Tentative Dates: Dress Rehearsal-Saturday, June 13th; Recital-Sunday, June 14th


The Year Ahead

FALL:             Foundations and Exploration of Movement

WINTER:       Technique, Musicality and Composition

SPRING:        Performance and Routine (Getting Ready for Recital!)

SUMMER:      Multi-Themed Indoor/Outdoor Camps Focusing on Arts & Education

Scroll down to your class to read a personal note from Ms. T!



Tot Boomers™ | Thursdays 4:00 – 4:30 pm


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Hi, Tot Boomers™,

My name is Ms. T and I am so excited that you will be joining me this session in dance classes! This is the first time we have provided a combination class where both ballet and hip-hop inspired movements will be taught. Our Tots will not only be learning how to take class independently, but they will also be learning fundamental locomotor and non-locomotor movements.

We will be alternating the style each week, starting with ballet on our first week Oct 10th, and followed by hip-hop inspired movement on Oct 17th. This is an adult participation class, so adults, get ready to move along with us!


Tiny Boomers™ | Thursdays 4:30 – 5:00 pm

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Hi, Tiny Boomers™,

It is lovely to meet you! My name is Ms. T and I am so excited that we have combined both ballet and hip-hop styles in this class; because now you get the best of both worlds!

We will be exploring locomotor and non-locomotor movements that will help our Boomers understand how the body moves.  

We will be alternating the style each week, starting with ballet on our first week Oct 10th, and followed by hip-hop inspired movement on Oct 17th. Adults, this is an independently taken class for our Tiny Boomers, so we ask your help in encouraging a positive transition into class with us.


Mini Boomers™ | Tuesdays 4:00 – 4:30 pm

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Hi, Mini Boomers™,

My name is Ms. T and I can’t wait to dance with you this session! In this class, we will be learning all about ballet and its foundations. We will be exploring movements that help us to walk on our tippy toes, bend our knees into a plie, jump and leap over puddles, pointe our toes as we send them away, and balancing movements that will help with our twirling. We will even get to be flamingoes walking and hopping along!



Boom Ballet Prep™ | Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:15 pm

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Hi, Boom Ballet Prep™,

My name is Ms. T and I am so excited to dance with all of you (new and “old”)!

This session, we will be exploring foundational ballet moves; while learning about sequential movements leading into combinations. Our Boomers™ will discover teamwork through ballet building games and exercises. Watch as we grow our ballet terminology and understanding!


Boom Ballet™ | Tuesdays 5:15 – 6:15 pm  

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Hi, Boom Ballet™,

My name is Ms. T and I am so excited to dance with you this session! In this class, we will be focusing on the introduction to, and fundamentals of, ballet. We will also be exploring movement that develops an understanding of spacial awareness, individuality and body positivity.  


Boom Dance Exploration™ | Thursdays 5:00 – 6:00 pm


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Hi, Boom Dance Exploration™,

My name is Ms. T.  I am so excited to be starting this new class for all our Boomers™ who are wanting to explore many different styles! We will be learning four individual styles and how they connect with each other; every two weeks.

Let’s jump on this dance journey together!


Boom Dance Crew™ | Thursdays 6:00 – 7:00 pm


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Hi, Boom Dance Crew™ (BDC),

Ms. T here!

I am so excited for you to see what this year will bring! We will be exploring all things hip-hop and funk styles…hands up!!!

This class is more than just a once-a-week class… This is a family, student, community-focused learning experience. In addition to our weekly Crew class, each Crew member will be responsible for community outreach.

Get excited as we work on fundamentals and start developing our routine! Watch as we tackle professionalism and build confidence!