"BOOM 101"

Boom 101 is a quick guide answering commonly asked questions, plus sharing everything you need to know about classes with us. But first… make sure you have added “hello@boomstudiosllc.com” to your email contact list. This will help our emails make it to your inbox and not automatically sent to spam or junk folders.  


A note from Founder & Creative Director, Santina Rigano-Lesch (aka Ms. T)


Hello Boomers™! Welcome to Boom Studios!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for supporting our small local business and choosing us to teach your kiddo(s) about dance and movement through our teaching philosophy.

I created Boom Studios in 2015 because I saw a need within the community to provide an environment where kiddo(s) could learn in a “… non-traditional environment through an inclusive, engaging, safe, body-positive and fun atmosphere. Our Team inspires our students to be creative, innovative, explorative and energetic.”

We have been serving the community for 4 years now and absolutely love being a part of West Seattle. You may remember that we started our classes in various community centers around Seattle before deciding to offer classes in a stand-alone studio space.  

Along with the fun we have in class, there are values that we feel are important to teach our Boomers™…

“Respect, Kindness, Understanding, Acceptance, Inclusivity, Equality, and Responsibility.”

Our team, at Boom Studios, appreciate your support and positivity in helping us to encourage these values and qualities within our Boomers™, inside and outside of class. This is the Boom Way!

Speaking of our team, Boom Studios consists of myself (Ms. T) and my wife, Ms. Dany. We are a two woman show! Each week I teach approximately 400 students in our various programs; studio classes (kids and adults), daycares, preschools, and elementary school enrichment programs.

Our studio classes would not be able to run the way they do without Ms. Dany and the amazing connections and relationships she develops with not only our Boomers™, but also our parents and families. Along with being your first point of contact anytime you come to the studio, Ms. Dany helps our Boomers™ feel comfortable, get ready for class, and can answer any questions you may have.

We are so excited to see you and thank you for believing in what we do! Keep reading below to find more information about our classes. I can’t wait to see you on the dance floor.

~ Santina Rigano-Lesch (Ms. T)



General Information



We’re located at 3618 SW Alaska St, Seattle (lower level). Entrance is on 37th Ave SW. Look for the Boom Studios A-Frame right in front.


Authorized Pick-Ups


During the first two weeks of session, you will be asked to complete one last piece of paperwork to add to your child’s registration. You will be given the opportunity to include other adults that are approved to pick up your child from our classes. There is enough space for 3 additional adults. If both parents have been added to the parent portal, you will not need to include them.


You only need to complete this once a year, so if you have danced with us since September 2019, there is no need to complete this form unless the information has changed. Just let us know!


Note: Until we become familiar with your family, we will be asking you to show your ID upon pick-up.


First Class and Parent Participation


To help with the transition process, we welcome 1 adult per Boomer™ to stay for the first class of session only. This helps your child with becoming familiar with Ms. T and Ms. Dany, the studio, how the class runs and helps the kiddo(s) transition into a positive learning environment.


After the first class, we ask adults to drop-off and return to your class 10 minutes before class ends (except for our Tot Boomers™). This is so that you can see what we have learned and to enjoy a dance game with us! We have found that our Boomers™ absolutely love this bonding time with their adults/families because they enjoy sharing their passion for dance and movement with their loved ones and it’s so much fun!


Your Boomer™ will be prompted by Ms. T to come up to you and say, “Please come and dance with me.” We ask that all adults, siblings, family members join in (no matter your personal experience or feelings towards dance). We have heard from families, that this is one of their favorite moments of class with us!





As part of our process, we ask that children write their name (to the best of their ability!) on our sign-in/out sheets. We have found that by asking children to do this, they not only take responsibility for being ready for dance class, they also take pride in it. Tot Boomers™ are the only exception (as this is an adult participation class).


Adults will be asked to sign in and out after their child has written their name. Please ensure that you are following through with this, as we double-check these records against attendance records.


Also, make sure to familiarize yourself with your Boomers™ class information for the ‘dancing animal’ that is assigned to your class for sign-in/out!


*Children are not permitted to sign-in/out for their adult. Students aged 13 and above are permitted to sign in/out for themselves or a family member.


Starting Class


After your Boomer™ (and you) have signed in, there a few extra things they need to remember to do before they can join Ms. Dany on the mat.

Here is a little checklist to help:

  • Take shoes off.

  • Change into indoor running shoes/sneakers/dance shoes.

  • Put their stuff in their own cubby.

  • Put water bottle on top of the black cubbies (near the mat).

  • Use the potty.

  • Join Ms. Dany on the mat to wait for class to start



Our Boomers™ are free to wear anything they are comfortable in. However, for dance-safety reasons, please refrain from denim or skirts/tutus without proper coverage underneath (leggings, tights, bike shorts).


Outside shoes are not permitted on the dance floor. Please be prepared to remove shoes once inside the studio. Dancers can be barefoot, use socks, or wear inside shoes (such as ballet shoes) to dance in.


Indoor sneakers or running shoes are suggested for hip-hop classes.


Please ensure you have an indoor pair of shoes that does not get worn outside.


**No boots, flip flops or sandals.**


Water Bottles and Outside Food

Please remember to bring a water bottle to class. It is important that we encourage our Boomers™ to stay hydrated and give us energy. Water breaks are also a great time for our Boomers™ to connect with their friends and have a mental break from the class. P.S Some of the conversations Ms. Dany hears during water breaks are just priceless!


Outside food and sugary drinks are not permitted in the studio.

What happens if my Boomer™ wants to sit out and watch?

We are all unique in the way we learn. Sometimes, our Boomers™ have a bad day or may be feeling shy and need a little extra transition time into class. When this happens, we offer the option for our Boomers™ to sit on the mat with Ms. Dany and learn through observation.


We believe in supporting each child with their learning and helping them to talk through anything they may be working through. Ms. Dany is amazing at getting our Boomers™ who may choose this option from time to time, to transition into fully participating in classes.


At the same time, even though we may only see your Boomer™ once a week for a short amount of time, please feel free to share with us anything that may be directly affecting your Boomer™ (i.e. illness, anxiety, bullying etc), so that we can work together to help them. After all, we are here for YOUR BOOMER™!


A Thank You & A Sticker


At the end of each class a thoughtful Thank You helps students in developing friendships with their peers, but also shows respect for the art form and pride in their ability to show up to class each week. This takes form in a pat on the back, a gentle high-5 with friends, and taking a quick bow. Sometimes our Boomers™ don’t understand the importance of our thoughtful Thank You, so please encourage them to follow through with the bow at the end of class.

Stickers are handed out after our Thank You. If a big sticker is given, the child did an excellent job listening, following directions and doing their best dancing in class. If a small sticker is given, the child did a good job, but might need to work on some other skills. This gives Ms. T the opportunity to explain to the child what they can work on for the following week to earn a big sticker. If they choose not to take a sticker, that’s not a problem at all.

Social Media


One of the biggest compliments given to a small business, is to be shouted out on social media. Please feel free to share pics and videos taken at the studio (or at home practicing) and tag us in your stories or posts. Our Facebook and Instagram handle @boomstudiosllc


We would love the opportunity to show others through your eyes what you love about classes with us!


Last Class

During the Fall and Winter sessions, we invite all adults (grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends) and siblings to watch class. We use this as an opportunity to show all the different things we have learned throughout the session.


Spring session is our recital session, so adults are invited to watch our recital instead of the last class for that session.


Recital 2020


We hold one recital a year at the end of the Spring session. It is not mandatory for Boomers™ to participate and perform. However, it is an amazing opportunity for Boomers™ to get up on stage and show what they have worked so hard on.

Our recital has a fun and positive vibe where we encourage our Boomers™ to get on stage and have fun – it’s all about the experience. We are much more relaxed than other recitals you may have attended before.

If your Boomer™ does decide to participate in the Recital, there are additional costs involved. Costumes are $30 per student, per class. We work extremely hard to find costumes that can be worn again after recital. Tickets are also an additional cost to help in covering costs such as the Theatre, sound and lighting technician etc.  

If your Boomer™ decides not to participate in recital, they are more than welcome to still join spring classes. However, please keep in mind that the focus for Spring session is working on the routine for recital.

We hold a dress rehearsal the day prior so that our Boomers™ can practice on stage, in their costumes, with lighting and sound, and in front of an audience, before the big day. It is extremely important if your Boomer™ is participating in our recital, that they attend the dress rehearsal. This is also their only opportunity to watch their friends and other Boomers™ on stage.

Note: Only parent volunteers are permitted to stay during the dress rehearsal. Boomers™ will not be able to watch the show on the day of Recital.


Confirmed Dates:

Dress Rehearsal - Saturday, June 13th, 2020 @ 10:30 am – 12:00 noon

Recital - Sunday, June 14th, 2020 @ 11:00 am


Refunds, Class Cancellations and Inclement Weather

Refunds or credits will not be given for tuition, registration fee, recital tickets, recital costumes, and/or any tuition related fees.


On the rare occasion that Boom Studios has to cancel classes, due to teacher illness, we will credit your parent portal account for use within 3 months. If not used within this time, you will be given the opportunity to accept a refund or donate to our program.





Ballet Shoe Exchange

We know our Boomers™ grow like weeds, so we are starting a new shoe exchange program.


We are accepting clean (-ish) and slightly used ballet shoes. If you’d like to donate your old/too small ballet shoes, please place them in a baggie with the following details:

  • Adult name

  • Boomers™ name

  • Size


If your Boomer™ needs a new pair of ballet shoes, you are welcome to look through the box and take what you need. Think of our ballet shoe exchange like the little libraries found around the community!


If you have costumes or dance wear you’d like to donate, please talk to Ms. Dany.


Note: Ms. T is always happy to help with getting the right fit for your Boomer™ or answer any ballet shoe questions you might have.




Spring registration will begin February 10th for current Boomers™ for one week of priority registration. Interest list families will have the opportunity to register for one week beginning February 17th. On February 24th, registration will open to the general public for any remaining spots in classes.


The Year Ahead

FALL:             Foundations and Exploration of Movement

WINTER:       Technique, Musicality and Composition

SPRING:        Performance and Routine (Getting Ready for Recital!)

SUMMER:      Multi-Themed Indoor/Outdoor Camps Focusing on Arts & Education