We encourage learning in a non-traditional environment through an inclusive, engaging, safe, body-positive, and fun atmosphere. Our Team inspires our students to be creative, innovative, explorative & energetic. Boom Studios offers classes for all ages; Tots, Kids, Teens, Adults, and Seniors™

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Our adult dance classes are for everyone! Whether you've never taken a dance class in your life, have dance parties in your living room, go out dancing with your friends, or have danced professionally, this class is for YOU!

Founder and Creative Director of Boom Studios, Santina Rigano-Lesch, will have you shaking what your mamma gave you, working up a sweat, learning how to move your body, all while having FUN!!!

What dance style are the classes? This is such a great question. Classes are not specifically one style. Rather they are hip-hop and funk-based, fused with other styles. A big focus of these classes is developing confidence and sass within the moves, choreography and YOUR body. It’s all about having fun, meeting new people, and getting your body moving!!!

Do I need to have done an earlier class to join the next class? The quick answer is no. Each class we learn a new choreographic combination, so it doesn't matter if you can't make it one week, you won't miss out on anything except for a good time!


How is it possible to have mixed levels in the class? We all come from different walks and paths in life. I offer adaptations of choreography combinations to fit your skill level and comfort.

But… what if you just can’t dance?! I believe that everyone has their own rhythm and style. You have your own ‘Happy Dance,’ the dance you do when you just found out some exciting news, for example. Everybody can dance, you just have to be ready, willing and open to it. For us, practice makes PROGRESS, not perfection!™